It’s hard to pinpoint exactly where Bru-C put himself on the map, a meteoric rise as an integral host of Cru-Cast, Skepsis’ inseparable sidekick and as his own stand-alone vocalist, Bru-C has carved himself into one of the most widely recognisable frontmen in the industry. 

From battle-rap at 500-person-venues to some of the biggest stages in the world of dance music in just five years, the Nottingham MC brings his original sound and guarantees a shutdown every time. 

Now the motivation for him is clear – speaking to Nitelife, Bru-C says: ‘I don’t just want to be a host, I want to be my own artist and I want people to know my journey and my story.’

I don’t just want to be a host, I want to be my own artist

And he’s got a clear path of how he’s going to achieve that, Bru-C releases his first album Original Sounds on 22 November – the same day he headlines Lakota as part of his debut UK tour, hoping to showcase to the world everything he can offer. 

‘It’s a 13-track album with quite a few big features on it. I’ve got the likes of Mr Traumatik, Bou, Skepsis, Tsuki, Window Kid and Jamie Duggan on it – and it’s probably got even more DnB than bassline.

it’s probably got even more DnB than bassline

‘The title partly stems from my track Original Sound (2017), because of what that song represents – it means a lot to me. 

‘It’s also the fact that I think I’m an artist that can do more than just what people might see of me performing live, I think my album will show that – its versatile and it’s got a lot of different sounds on there.

‘The sky is the limit now and I haven’t reached my peak yet, so I’m excited for what’s to come.’

The sky is the limit now and I haven’t reached my peak yet

Bru-C is unmistakably recognisable – referred to by UKF as ‘the voice of bassline’ – you’ll hear his distinctive voice on tracks like CruCast-released Hide the Ting and Hold it Down at almost every bassline rave up and down the country. 

However, 2019 has seen releases which display his diversity as an artist, after jumping on drum and bass tracks like You & I, which has amassed nearly three million streams on Spotify, and repping his grime/rap roots on Motives. 

He also made waves on social media last year when he and fellow CruCast host Window Kid released grime track Bits and headed out to film a hilariously unique IKEA-themed music video, released on JDZmedia. 

‘I just make what I feel, really. As much as I love bassline, as a vocalist, the way the scene is there isn’t really anyone who’s playing as many shows as me, other than Window – I feel like its limited in terms of what you can do. 

‘When you go to a drum and bass set there is lots of MCs spraying over every drop and every tune, whereas in bassline it’s a little bit different, I feel.’

He’s going to have ample opportunity to spray over tunes when Lakota steps up to play host to a huge leg on his tour, welcoming him off the back of massive Glastonbury, Creamfields, Reading and Outlook performances this year.  

Bringing with him a specially-curated set and an incredible lineup of DJs from across the country, there’s plenty to be excited about when the Original Sounds tour comes to town. 

‘I’ve played Lakota before a couple of times and I love the venue, so I’m really looking forward to it. My set will be a showcase of my music and will include a load of the tracks from the new album, I’ve got some special guests to bring out as well – I’m working really hard on this set, it’s going to be special.  

I’ve got some special guests to bring out as well – I’m working really hard on this set, it’s going to be special

‘I’ve kind of gone into a different lane to the rest of the CruCast boys, to an extent. I love playing with Skepsis, we’ve got a wicked relationship and he’s done a lot for me in my career and I think I’ve done a lot for him too, so I definitely want to keep doing that, but there are times where we’re playing and trying to squeeze in tunes.

‘I want to do something that’s just Bru-C and that’s what I’m trying to bring with my debut tour – the time is right.’

I want to do something that’s just Bru-C

Following successes on stage and in the studio, Bru-C can’t seem to stop winning – the artist is also the founder of the brand Krudd, whose garments you’ll see dotted around every dance festival in the UK right now.

Proudly speaking, he told us exactly what the brand is all about: ‘Krudd is a clothing brand and event night simultaneously, we try to put on for the people in terms of what they want to wear and what they want to hear. I think it has a big family feel, as people wear the garms to all the shows and it’s really nice to see. 

‘Krudd is my baby, trust me, it’s busy right now and it’s a lot to keep on top of, but I love running it and it’s exciting to see people are into it as much as they are, because the brand means so much to me.’

You can expect Lakota to be packed out with fans repping the Krudd merch when he lands in Stokes Croft this Friday. 

With mega support on the night coming from the man Skepsis himself, bassline dons Sammy Virji and Zero and Bristol’s own Buckfast Boys Club, there’s no doubt that it’s going to go off. 

I can’t wait to see you lot on tour

Bru-C left us with the simple message: ‘I can’t wait to see you lot on tour, I really hope you enjoy what I’ve been working so hard on – and make sure you look out for the album. Big up.’

Bru-C UK Tour – 22 November, Lakota
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