Following up last year’s summer banger Sunday, Bristol’s Gardna and Kreed have just dropped the video to their new tune My Show, featuring Inja, J Man and Eva Lazarus, which is one of four tracks on their recently released Gardna X Kreed EP.

The video follows in a similar vibe to Sunday, which was filmed in the gothic church on Nelson Street, featuring Bristol-born Game of Thrones megastar Maisie Williams.

‘The Sunday tune just spread far and wide. A lot of young American people were tuning in to it that wouldn’t necessarily hear this UK sound, and they’re engaging with it.

‘Sunday did a lot to help push our stuff out. We’ve still got Sunday on this EP, but there’s three new tracks I’ve worked on with Kreed. Having new tunes to back up the live stuff has been great, and Sunday led onto other collaborations like this tune I’ve got coming out with Nextmen featuring Gentleman’s Dub Club, which I’m really excited for. The track is sick. It’s going to come out for the summer in time for the festivals.’

Although the beats are still on that bashment and ragga influence, they’re a bit darker and more twisted – it’s not like happy, happy, reggae

The My Show video is shot in Coroner’s Court and with the same gothic, sugar skull-style face paint seen in the Sunday video, this time worn by Gardna, Eva, Inja and J Man.

‘The Gardna and Kreed thing, we’ve tried to go for something a little bit darker. Although the beats are still on that bashment and ragga influence, they’re a bit darker and more twisted – it’s not like happy, happy, reggae music – so we try and show that through the video a bit. The guy who directs it, Chris Lucas, he helped really bring the ideas to life. And Coroner’s Court is a bit derelict and a bit eerie, so it was perfect for the vibe we were going for.’

Gardna and Kreed drop new video for My Show, feat. Inja, J Man, Eva Lazarus 2

We’ve been seeing Gardna and Eva Lazarus increasingly featuring on the same lineups over the past year or so, so it seemed like about time we saw them on the same track.

‘Me and Eva started chatting from doing a few shows together. I really wanted to make some music with her because she’s a Bristol noise maker as well and doing good things for the city. I like to think I’m in the same circle as her – we play a lot of the same shows together and a few different producers get me and her to come together on a set.

‘It took me a little while to get her to come on the track but I’m glad that she did. And we managed to get Inja and J Man and Parly B on it – it’s sick. It took a good year and a bit to make this tune solid, but to have someone like Eva on it is amazing.’

It took a good year and a bit to make this tune solid, but to have someone like Eva on it is amazing

While Gardna has been pushing the UK soundsytem sound in the city for years, it’s definitely a sound that’s getting more and more appreciation, with more artists exploring dancehall sounds and more opportunities to go and enjoy a dance.

‘I guess everyone is progressing together. It’s because the tunes that are coming out are good. We’ve been working on it a few years and just finding our own thing, and I think there’s a good a new generation of UK soundsystem MCs that are coming forward. What we’ve done with My Show is I’ve picked my favourite MCs from this UK soundsystem circuit and put them all on this one tune. And I hope that My Show will be a tune that people draw for when they think about UK soundsystem music and what it is.’

His label Boom Sound is gaining momentum too, with the Gardna x Kreed EP due to come on vinyl in the next couple of months (pre-order here), and a solo release from Kreed lined up too.

‘The first beat me and Kreed made together, I was 16 and he was 13! He’s just been an absolute wizard. Since then we’ve been making music and it’s definitely something we’re going to continue. He’s now on the label and he’s got his first solo release coming out, which is the next release after this one.

‘I’ve got also got a 15-date festival tour coming up – and that’s like Glastonbury to Outlook, to Boomtown to Shambala. And I’m playing with Kreed at Love Saves the Day on Sunday on the the Hold Tight / Brouhaha stage (Kreed feat. Parly B and Gardna).

Watch the video for My Show below:

LIVE: Kreed feat. Parly B and Gardna – 28 May, Love saves the Day, Eastville Park // //
Photography by Clara Savage


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