Name: Freya Blacker
Age: 16
Also known as: FreyB

At only 16 years old, songwriter Freya Blacker is projected for big things. Our dBs Music student diaries series takes a look behind the curtain at the students currently studying at dBs Music Bristol; when asked which of their younger students we should be keeping an eye out for, they had no delay in recommending Freya. We met up with the future talent to learn a bit more about where she’s headed and take a look around the dBs Music Bristol FE centre in St Pauls.

Where are we most likely to find you in the building?
If I’m not in class then probably down in the studios practising recording techniques or in the common room listening to music

Favourite piece of equipment?
My favourite piece of equipment at the moment would be the Logic Pro X software as a whole – I love finding new effects and ways to alter the music I create, which makes my sound more interesting to listen to.

Are you working within a particular genre, and if so, what draws you to it? 
I’ve met and been influenced by a lot of people in my life, including Nile Rogers and Sam Smith, who have impacted my music taste. But I think the genre I’m drawn to the most is indie pop or alternative pop. It allows me to express myself in a contemporary fashion and my voice suits that style.

An emotional rollercoaster

Can you describe your ‘sound’ in a nutshell?
An emotional rollercoaster.

What are you currently working on?
I have started to work on my latest song and am currently working on writing lyrics for it.

Can we hear something you’ve finished recently?
At the moment I don’t have anything 100% finished. but I’m doing some final touches to a couple of pieces and hopefully they will be released very, very soon.

What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned at dBs Music?
Everything I have learnt so far has helped me in my songwriting. Learning about the different chord progressions makes the new songs I create sound more interesting, and learning how to use the software Logic Pro X means that I can finally begin to record my music instead of just using notes on my phone. I have also learned a massive confidence lesson from being at dBs and that everyone is talented in many different ways.

learning how to use the software Logic Pro X means that I can finally begin to record my music instead of just using notes on my phone

Have you got any words of advice for people considering a professional qualification in music production?
Having access to all of this high tech equipment and being able to create your own music at a high standard is definitely rewarding, and if you feel it would be the right path for you then just go for it. //

Photos by Dominika Scheibinger

Find out more about studying at dBs Music at

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