A well renowned figure on Bristol’s ever-thriving vinyl scene,  DJ, multi-instrumentalist and producer Boca 45 has become one of the most in demand names in the industry thanks to his skilful fusion of forward thinking production techniques with old-school beats and soulful vintage sounds. 

forward thinking production techniques with old-school beats and soulful vintage sounds

Having signed to Nas’ label Mass Appeal, and musically partnering with Banksy, Sergio Pizzorno of Kasabian, MC Emskee and Louis Baker (to name but a few) throughout his career, it’s abundantly clear that Boca 45 is no stranger to the business. Also known as DJ Scott Hendy, Boca 45 smashed 2019 with the semi-autobiographical LP Forty Five, a soundtrack of era-spanning, genre-bending tunes. 

Wanting to keep up the same fiery momentum this year, the Bristolian announced a brand new project Donuts, a series of five limited-edition, coloured vinyl 45s – 300 per record, stamped and numbered – that will be released incrementally throughout 2020. 

Forever championing the importance of physical releases, the Donuts series allows Boca 45 to direct his music away from potential lack of visibility within the streaming ether, but instead into the hands of the loyal vinyl community – an ethos appreciated and reciprocated city-wide. ‘With music streaming things can get lost and slip through the net, but I like to think that people still appreciate tangible vinyl releases, and the fact that each one of these Donuts are limited strictly to 300 numbered copies hopefully make them extra special’. 

With music streaming things can get lost and slip through the net, but I like to think that people still appreciate tangible vinyl releases

The first track of the five releases, Powerful – launched in February – certainly lives up to its name, featuring the hypnotically and authoritatively soulful voice of Hannah Williams. With vocals sampled by Jay Z on the Grammy-nominated track 4:44, and subsequent work with the likes of Tyler the Creator, Guy Chambers and Pete Rock, Williams was an undeniable go-to for Boca 45 to seize his collaborative power with. 

Powerful’s huge brass lines, driving beats and jangly guitar samples collectively declare a track of explosive hip hop at its finest, providing Boca 45 a rightful platform to launch himself into the new decade and cement Donuts as an exciting and groundbreaking series for 2020. 

Donuts #2 (…) lands this Wednesday 1 April

Donuts #2,  Turn It Up Loud featuring Marley Marl’s Juice Crew’s Craig G, lands this Wednesday 1 April and fans are in for another treat. Powerful sold out within a number of days, so anyone eager to get their hands on the second in the Donuts series – a limited edition 45 white vinyl – had better be quick off the line.

What have you learned today?

That 3D from Massive Attack was the first graff artist in the whole of the UK. That’s pretty mental!

Which song by another artist most inspires you?

Changes weekly / daily but I was listening to Daily Operation by Gang Starr today – Primo was so on the top of his game in the 90s the way he flipped samples, and Guru’s vocals glued it all together.

First piece of music you bought?

Something like JoBoxers’ Boxerbeat, but shortly after Street Sounds Electro started to properly inform my musical taste buds.

Most recent?

The Danny Brown LP was bought for me for Christmas by my three sons (which is excellent). I’ve not had time to get to a record shop yet this year – it’s been a bit mental.

Who are your top three acts right now? 

Danny Brown (see above), Fontaines D.C. and anything that Edan is involved in.

Who is or was the most underrated artist, in your opinion?


You’re at a house party and the dance floor is waning, what’s your go-to floor filler?

Anything by James Brown.

DJ reloads – yay or nay?

Rewinds occasionally, I only play vinyl 45s – is a reload the same thing? I haven’t got a clue! 

Do you listen to any music you think would surprise people?

Of course! I’m as into 60s psych as I am hip hop, funk and soul – the beats I’m known for as Boca 45. 

What was the last book you read? 

The Lark Ascending by Richard King. I’m just about to start the Tricky autobiography, which will be interesting.

Recommended binge watch? 

The Messiah. 

Life motto?

Treat people the way you want to be treated.

Cats or dogs?

Got two cats, no dogs – but I love dogs also.

Reggae or jungle?

Reggae hands down. 

Pet peeve?

Bristol car drivers who open their doors on you when you’re cycling past.

Most relatable film character?

Has there ever been a film about The Wurzels?

What is the best piece of advice you have ever received? 

Stop doing drag backs at football. 

Strange but true fact?

I was a mascot at Bristol City when I was a kid.

What is your oldest possession?

Street Sounds Electro LPs.

What are you doing tomorrow?  

Recording in the studio.

Photos by @thefotomatic

Buy Donuts #1 & #2: 2020donuts.bigcartel.com

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