10 Questions with Verb T

The Four Owls’ Verb T brings his collaborative project with Pitch 92 to Attic Bar

After meeting on tour, The Four Owls’ Verb T joined forces with production wizard Pitch 92 on collaborative record Good Evening. Released last October, the 16-track LP has been three years in the making…

Mouse Outfit collaborator Pitch brings to the table golden soulful riffs and buttery bass lines over punchy percussion, while Verb T has crafted some of his most intricate and personal rhymes to date, building on the body of work that stretches back to the days of Lowlife Records and now sees him as a major part of the ever expanding High Focus Records movement.

The duo brings the new material on tour to Bristol’s Attic Bar this month. The album was created very much with the live show in mind, so expect banging beats delivered live from the MPC and infectious hooks, infused with heavy crowd interaction. Ahead of the show, Verb T answers out 10 questions…

Those questions

1. What have you learned today?
That staying up making beats until 2am after having just done gigs for two consecutive days makes me grumpy. I’ve learnt this before but keep forgetting.

2. Favourite track of all time?
Train wise, Eurostar. Music wise, I don’t know. I don’t really have five hours to get into that discussion right now. Simply Beautiful by Al Green is one for now, that’s in the discussion.

3. It’s 3am and the party is winding down, what track do you play to get everyone going again?
No Limit by 2 Unlimited, or maybe Bat Out of Hell by Meatloaf – both good.

4. Who are your top three acts right now?
This changes hourly, but the last hour I have listened mostly to $ha Hef, Nick Hakim, Nolan the Ninja and Evidence, and also Nai Palm. That’s five, five is the new three and tomorrow I’ll have a different five. Having this streaming thing now and a massive addiction to listening to music is crazy.

5. If you couldn’t work in music, what would you be doing instead?
Darts player, I’m no good at darts but I reckon if I had not been a rapper I would have really worked on my darts game and been good at it.

6. What was the last book you read?
The Big Payback by Dan Charnas – it’s amazing.

7. Favourite thing on TV?
I need to see the new series of Curb your Enthusiasm, it’s wrong that I haven’t seen it yet. Just saw Ozark, I liked that. Sopranos is the all time best, there hasn’t been a drama that comes close for me. People say Breaking Bad, but I never got into that.

8. Are you afraid of anything?
My own imagination and people with only one eyebrow, because it’s harder to tell what they are thinking (not really). To be honest, I try not to approach any situation with fear. I’m a bit of an anxious traveler though.

I try not to approach any situation with fear

9. Tell us something people don’t know about you…
I can’t ride a bike. Actually, some people know that, but yeah it’s true, I never learned and to be honest I’m not that bothered.

10. What are you doing tomorrow?
Sorry, I can’t predict the future.

24 February – Verb T & Pitch 92, Attic Bar
Facebook event // fmbristol.co.uk

soundcloud.com/highfocusrecords // verbt.bandcamp.com // twitter.com/realverbt

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