10 Questions with Typesun

Typesun brings his unique brand of rugged underground soul music to the intimate Crofters Rights


Well known in the Bristol music scene not just for his iconic productions, but as a hard working and creative drummer, band leader and DJ, Typesun aka Luke Harney has been paying dues from way before the recent attention garnered from his last few releases on Root Elevation. Along with Andy Mac and Jay-L he runs the underground club night FallingUp where the trio have been following their own unique line through the best in soul, hip hop, house, techno and dub.

Get up close and personal as Typesun brings his unique brand of rugged underground soul music to the intimate Crofters Rights, where he will be joined by Romaine Smith (pictured) on vocals, who has been making his own waves on the growing Bristol R&B scene. This is one not to be missed!



1. What have you learned today?
There are people who campaign against sexual education in schools, and Funky Drummer is 96 bpm.

2. Favourite track of all time?
Right now I’m coming up with Naima by John Coltrane, both the original recording and the Bill Evans version.

3. It’s 3am and the party is winding down, what track do you play to get everyone going again?
Magnificent Seven by The Clash.

4. Who are your top three acts right now?
I’ve been enjoying the tracks Joe Black (Adjowa) has been putting out on Happy Skull. Andy Mac has been recording with Cat again, so I’m excited to hear what comes out of those sessions, and Jay-L is on a roll and making the best music he’s ever made.

5. If you couldn’t work in music, what would you be doing instead?
Working as a chef, writing short stories and mentoring with JourneymanUK. I’d probably take up electronics too. And keep koalas.

6.) What was the last book you read?
Entering the Heart of the Sun & Moon by Ngak’chang Rinpoche & Khandro Déchen

7.) Favourite thing on TV?
Enter the Battlefield: Life on the ‘Magic – The Gathering’ Pro Tour. Amazing to see people so passionate and dedicated. Went straight from that into a documentary about a guy in Brooklyn with a $2million Kickstarter campaign building tiny handcrafted models of mediaeval cities for Dungeons & Dragons. It was a deep one.

8.) Are you afraid of anything?
Yes, but I’m working on it. At my worst I tend to space out rather than cut through and act, which stems from a pretty fundamental fear of being and becoming anything. Remembering that things will go the way they go and that there is no single, universal purpose to anything helps when the space-out strikes.

9.) Tell us something people don’t know about you…
I made pierogi for Wigilia this year.

10.) What are you doing tomorrow?
Building speakers stands, practicing and listening to Mé-tsal teach at Aro Ling.

soundcloud.com/type // facebook.com/typesun // typesun.com

Photography by Tom Campbell and Rob Skilton.  Article originally published in Nitelife February 2017

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