Yet again, Love Saves the Day have pulled off a programme that’s almost too good – leaving us, at least, in the painful position of having to choose between some of our favourite acts.

Born out of pure love of music six years ago, and expanding year-on-year with the help of some brilliant local stage partners including The Blast, Just Jack, Futureboogie, Hold Tight and Who Cares; Love Saves the Day’s lineups are genuinely all killer and no filler – with every one of its ten stages given equal love and attention.

Full set times are being released later today, so in the hopes of offering a helping hand, we took a sneak peek and asked a few people in the know which stages they’re going to be checking out across the weekend.

For the first of our curated weekends, we hit up Love Saves the Day experts and festival founders Dave Harvey (Team Love, Futureboogie) and Tom Paine (Team Love), who took on the task of curating a day each for us –

Dave Harvey’s Love Saves Saturday:

Team Love co-founder, DJ and Futureboogie director Dave Harvey will be manoeuvring some stage hopping, but has a pretty clear-cut plan for Saturday –

11.30-14.00 – Main Stage – Feel The Real
Every year, we start with the wonderful Feel The Real on the main stage – very good friends of ours and some seriously versatile DJs. They always bring the perfect vibes for getting the party started, ably assisted by the one and only Joe Peng.

14.00-15.30 – Brouhaha – Palms Trax
Then I’ll head straight over to check Palms Trax who is doing an early doors set for us. He’s brilliant, so really looking forward to having him come play for us this year

16.10-17.10 – Main Stage – Fatima Yamaha
Quickly nip over to the main stage to catch Fatima Yamaha – when he’s played for us before, we have been amazed at the size of the crowds, so make sure you get up front early for this.

17.30-18.30 – Main Stage – Crazy P
I’ll stick around and check a bit of the wonderful Crazy P as well, Danielle is one of the best frontwomen in the world and their live show is excellent, so well worth a look.

Danielle is one of the best frontwomen in the world and their live show is excellent, so well worth a look

17.00-19.00 – Arcadia Afterburner – Hodge & Peverlist
Definitely be checking these two out on the Arcadia Afterburner stage, I know they are hyped about it and they will smash it on there!

17.00-19.00 – Brouhaha – DJ Nature
Rush over to catch the last bit of DJ Nature on Futureboogie’s stage (Brouhaha). Local legend via way of New York City and one of our favourite DJs, expect it to be jumping for this one – and maybe even get to hear his new single for us… BLATANT PLUG 🙂

19.00-21.00 – Paradiso – Andrew Weatherall
Straight over to catch a bit of Andrew Weatherall. He’s someone we have wanted to book for donkeys so it’s absolutely great to have him joining us. Lord Sabre will bring the heat to Just Jack (Saturday’s Paradiso hosts) for definite.

19.00-23.00 – Arcadia Afterburner – Ricardo Villalobos b2b Craig Richards
Run back over to catch some of Ricardo and Craig’s b2b set – this is something that everyone in the office is really excited about. Those two on that stage is going to be something really special.

Love Saves the Day Curated Weekends: Dave Harvey & Tom Paine
21.00-23.00 – Brouhaha – Hunee
Will fly across from there to catch Hunee for a bit. Always a killer DJ and always, always so nicely turned out – big ups!

21.30-23.00 – Main Stage – Little Dragon
If I have any energy left, I will get up on the main stage for a bit of Little Dragon. Great band and a treat to have them on!

I know I’m only supposed to be doing Saturday so I’m cheating, but really chuffed to have Fat Freddy’s coming to play for us again. We booked them a few times in Bristol, probably over 10 years ago now, at Fiddlers the first time – that shows the length of time it was! They have become so big in that time, fair play to them, lovely chaps and a cracking live show!

Tom Paine’s Love Saves Sunday:

After a few dead certs including Mykki Blanco and Kate Tempest, other half of Team Love, Tom Paine, is still undecided on which closing set will win him over…

13.00-13.40 – Main Stage – Eva Lazarus / 13.00-14.00 – Brouhaha – Lionpulse

Start the day with the wonderful Eva Lazarus on the main stage and then run over to stand in front of the mighty Lionpulse soundsystem on the Brouhaha Stage and let the resident DJs rumble my body.

14.00-14.45 – Main Stage – Jus Now
After that quick workout I’ll run back over to check out Jus Now on the Main Stage, who play the most amazing soca-infused rhythms and always get the party started. I was lucky enough to hang out with these guys a few years back in Trinidad, where half the band hail from and see first-hand the carnival that inspires them.

16.30-17.30 – Paradiso – Mykki Blanco
Next, a quick change of tempo and head over to the Paradiso stage to catch Mykki Blanco. I’ve missed Mykki the last couple times he was in Bristol, so making sure I catch the show this time. I love music and performance that comes from the soul and pushes boundaries and traditional genres – which is what Mykki is all about.

17.30-19.00 – Arcadia Afterburner – Randall b2b 4Hero
From here, another lane change and head to the flaming cauldron that is the Arcadia Afterburner for the mighty Randall and 4Hero – two absolute heroes of mine from my early days in Bristol in the late 90s / early00s, when I was a devoted attendee of Drive By at Thekla and later Creation.

18.00-19.30 – Cloud 9 – My Nu Leng
Over to Cloud 9 to see the new generation of Bristol-inspired bass music, My Nu Leng! We’ve known Jammo and Tommy since they first started out and it’s really amazing what they have achieved – long may it continue.

19.30-20.30 – Cloud 9 – Levelz ft Trigga
Following on from the Leng boys are the mighty Levelz… I’ve heard them once described as a mutant version of Wu Tang Clan meets the Happy Mondays – and I really like it. There is a real mixture of hard beats, bass and vocals that can then break into the absurd and comical in the best possible way. I love them and they show that UK grime doesn’t have to be one-dimensional and doesn’t have to just come out of London.

If you do one thing this Love Saves The Day, please go watch this show

20.00-21.00 – Main Stage – Kate Tempest
Cross back over the site to see Kate Tempest take to the Main Stage to perform her new album/show Let Them Eat Chaos. If you do one thing this Love Saves The Day, please go watch this show. It is unlike anything else I have seen in years – it will capture and captivate you and leave you wondering where you have been when it finishes. Musical, beautiful and thought provoking – I’ve not seen another artist pull anything like this off before like Kate and her band do…

21.00-22.00 – Brouhaha – Sherwood and Pinch / 21.30-23.00 ­­– Main Stage – Fat Freddy’s Drop /
22.00-23.00 – Cloud 9 – Kano / 22.00-23.00 – Paradiso – BadBadNotGood

Finally, like all the other people at the festival, I am left scratching my head wondering how to finish off my Sunday. If I have a good spot at the front I could well stay for Fat Freddy’s, or the lyrical prowess of Kate might leave me wanting more and I’ll make a break for Kano…

That is if, of course, I make it past the sub-sonic rumble from Pinch and Sherwood emitting from their headline set on the Brouhaha, or the cheers from the audience watching BadBadNotGood in the Paradiso… All the time thinking, ‘What idiot programmed all these amazing bands to headline at the same time?’

EVENT: 27 – 28 May, Love Saves the Day, Eastville Park


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