Harry Shotta Video Diaries : DnB Shellaz // Powered by Reon

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As part of their #reonandon campaign, Reon  are following Harry Shotta around the country to get a glimpse into the life of one of the hardest working MCs on our radar.

One peep at his crammed tour schedule makes us want to reach for our pillows. But we suppose that’s exactly what makes him a target for new Reon Energise sachets, which gives users a powdered energy boost in the form of caffeine and Vitamin B12 (a healthy substitute to any other powered energy-enhancing substance).

On his way through Birmingham for DNB Shellaz last month, we had a quick chat with Harry Shotta about whether MCs are getting the recognition they deserve, and beating Eminem to take the Guinness World Records title for most words rapped in a song…

Reon Energise // harryshotta.com

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